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Customer Review Rewards Program

Our Customer Review Rewards Program! We value your feedback and as a token of our appreciation:

Step into our special Customer Review Rewards Program, where we thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! We’re excited to give you a 10% discount on your next visit.

Feel free to use your 10% discount whenever you want on your next visit. Just give us a call to book your appointment and mention your special coupon code. We’re looking forward to treating you again. Thanks a bunch for being part of our spa family!

Here’s how you can get your exclusive coupon:


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Share what you liked about your spa visit on our website or social media. Your words help us make things even better!


Take a Picture:

While you’re writing, take a picture of your comment. Make sure the picture shows what you wrote and when you wrote it.


Fill Up The Form:

There is a form below. Fill it out and attach the picture of your comment. Don’t forget to tell us how to contact you so we can send you the coupon code.


Wait for Your Coupon:

Sit tight! We’ll check your comment and, once it’s good to go, we’ll send you a special coupon code through email or text.

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